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On 17th August 2007, Er. R. B. Chaphalkar, eminent Civil Engineer, Constructor, Builder launched a non-profit organization called “Association of Civil Engineers (India)”.

The objectives of ACE (I) is to spread total awareness in the construction field with respect to law, costing, quality and standardization. ACE (I) takes genuine efforts for the betterment of masses and it aims to make the field of Civil Engineering more professional and transparent in its nature. The association is also trying to pursue ‘Engineer’s Bill 2003’ at all levels.

According to Er. R. B. Chaphalkar, Civil Engineers are to be recognized as ‘Constructors’ and not ‘Contractors’.

Careers in Civil Engineering

Since 2008, Association of Civil Engineers (I) arrange programme of ‘Careers in Civil Engineering’ for students of 10th and 12th std.

In this programme, successful civil engineers from various fields along with ACE (I) President, Er. R. B. Chaphalkar, share their success stories as civil engineers with the students.

Many a times students of 10th and 12th standard are confused at this very important phase of their life. All Educational courses provide ample job opportunities to prosper in all respects. But many a students are not aware about various opportunities from various faculties. Hence, in this programme of ‘Careers in Civil Engineering’, students are made aware about various promising career opportunities from civil engineering field.

Initially everybody thought that civil engineering is nothing but construction. But there are more than twenty five career options to choose from, after completion of civil engineering course. Girls also can opt for civil engineering course as many avenues for consultancy are opening up now as it is not necessary to work on site only. In the civil engineering career, there is ample scope for service, business or consultancy in private or public sector.

Special quality of civil engineering field is that, a student getting 50% marks can shine by taking contracts of interior work, ferro-cement works or building construction and a student getting 90% marks can also flourish working as a consultant in highly specialized fields like structural design, hydraulics, material testing, bridge, dam and air port design.

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