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My Construction Practices

Er. R. B. Chaphalkar, is working in Construction field as a Constructor, Construction Management Consultant and Quantity Surveyor and Developer for past 30 years. He wanted to share his experience with the Society at large. With this motivation, he has written and published the book ‘My Construction Practices’.

This book is useful to all to maintain and document the quality of construction. The focus of this book is to guarantee consistent quality of the construction from concept to completion. It also covers the Documentation part, which is helpful to all concerned in the construction field. Many photographs of previous sites are provided in this book to facilitate easy understanding of the subject.

Three Editions of this book are now available.
1. Professional Edition (English)
2. Economical Edition (English)
3. Economical Edition (Marathi)

Currently this book is marketed by Sakal Papers Ltd.

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