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My Estimation Practices

  • What is construction cost of an ownership scheme or of a bungalow or of an extension?
  • What is a difference between 'Project Cost' and ‘Construction Cost’?
  • How a plotted layout is estimated?
  • Why rate per sq. ft. of a single storey bungalow is more than three storeyed bungalow?
  • What are the rates of various construction related items?
  • How rates are calculated of various items like excavation, RCC items, tiling, grills, windows, painting etc.?
  • What is material requirement for various items like plaster, brickwork, waterproofing etc.?
  • How much fees constructors should charge?
  • Which factors affect quotation of a re-development project?
  • Why rate of construction is more for smaller ownership schemes?
  • How maintenance charges of flats are calculated?
  • Which factor impacts more on escalating rates of flats?
  • What is impact of taxes / duties on cost of flats?
  • How to make flats affordable?
Get answers to these queries and know much more about estimation of a building from this book! It also contains rate analysis of more than 250 items and a Model Estimate. All rates are calculated on the basis of rates and tax structure as of 1st June 2015.
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